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Put cash in your pocket by switching to online invoicing and accounting

Here at Fine Point, our financial services and accounting team is always looking for ways to save our customers time and money. Heck, our business plan is based on doing exactly that.

From an accounting standpoint, one of the easiest ways to save is by using online invoicing and bill payment. Business owners that use old-fashioned accounting methods like writing and mailing checks are not only costing themselves time and money, but putting themselves at risk for bill payment errors, late payments and even check fraud.

Online invoicing and bill payment streamlines your accounting process securely by automating accounts payable and receivable processes. You’ll be able to focus your time and energy on growing your business with the peace of mind online invoicing and bill payment offers. Online invoicing and bill payment offers employers from all industries numerous benefits:

Organization: You and your employees will have 24/7 access to an online financial office in which documents, invoices, processing, workflow and other financial materials are available at the click of a mouse or tap of a smart phone touch screen. The only requirement for access is a desktop or mobile web browser and access to an internet connection.

Security: With automated invoicing and bill payment, you’ll rest assured knowing no accounting errors or fraudulent dealings are costing your company its future. Additionally, the system we use here at Fine Point,, uses “bank-level” encryption in its system.

Time-efficiency: The days of manual data entry are over. Both incoming and outgoing payments are completely automated and streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Cost savings: With all of your accounting materials in a secure online financial office, you’ll save on paper, ink and postage costs.

Resource convergence:’s systems syncs with other accounting software, including (but not limited to) QuickBooks, Intacct, Sage Peachtree and NetSuite.

Does your accounting function need an upgrade? Find out more.

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