Be A Better Boss With These 4 Expert Tips

world's best bossLet’s be honest: once your team is assembled and your processes are defined, it’s easy to fall into the trap of being a mediocre boss. But even under those circumstances when your role is seemingly more hands-off, being a lesser boss than you’re capable of can hurt morale and negatively affect productivity, hindering you company’s ability to grow.

Lucky for you, Geoffrey James, author and featured columnist at Inc., compiled a list of mistakes managers make that he’s seen slow down numerous businesses in the past, which we’ve commented on below. Start-up guidance comes a dime a dozen, but James works first hand with executives.

  • In his top bit of advice, James recommends managers make an effort to reward employees as a team instead of playing favorites or handing out individual accolades. To avoid making this mistake, set team goals instead of individual ones and encourage top performers to use their skills to achieve these goals instead of earning individual attention. The easiest way to alienate members of your team is to highlight the achievements of the individual. (more…)