A 6-Step Guide To Starting Your Business Right

Imagine you have just completed a marathon; 26.2 miles behind you. What’s the first thing you want to do? Chances are—collapse, relax, recover, and never get off the couch again.


This desire for rest follows most grand endeavors. When we channel all our energy into one pursuit, we’re not left with much to work with. This may not be a problem for a marathoner, but it is for an entrepreneur.

Any self-starter knows the work it takes to secure funding, to form the financial foundation on which to build a business. He most likely also knows how difficult it can be to call upon his energy reserves and move forward from this point to start actually doing business.

If you’re one of this set, feeling exhausted before you’ve even (really) begun, perhaps unsure of where exactly to begin, take a breath. You don’t have to navigate the waters alone. Let Ashish Rangnekar, co-founder of BenchPrep, be your guide. Here is an overview of his advice to you: (more…)

4 Steps To Securing A Loan

If you’ve ever been denied a loan, as many small business owners have, you’ve experienced a feeling of unworthiness. Why am I not eligible? What have I done to damage my credit? Why don’t I deserve this money?


Chances are, you do. In fact, you may have flawless credit history and the most noble of intentions, and still find yourself facing rejection. This is because, contrary to what we may believe, banks are not overflowing fountains of wealth. Even their funds are limited, and they can’t always provide—even to those most deserving of clients.

As if securing a loan wasn’t difficult enough. Not only do you have to worry about being worthy of it, you have to set yourself apart amid a crowd of individuals who are. Here’s how to do so: (more…)

Put Your Idea To The Test

Small business is risky business. We’ve all heard the statistics—the majority of start-up companies fail. Nevertheless, there continue to be those among us—the bold and the brave—who pursue entrepreneurship despite the risk of failure.

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If you’re one of this select group, setting out to start your own company, give yourself a pat on the back. Entrepreneurship requires laying it all on the line—your current career, your financial security, your ego and your future. It’s an admirable venture, but one that should not be undertaken without some careful consideration.

Even the best and the brightest entrepreneurs can fail. You may have the best business plan out there, but if there’s not a market for your offering, you’ll never succeed. So before you put it all on the line, make sure your audience truly desires what it is you’re offering. (more…)

Fine Point Consulting Welcomes New Consultant Chelsea Stanton

chelsea stantonFine Point Consulting is excited to announce it has recently brought on a new consultant—Chelsea Stanton.

Chelsea comes to Fine Point straight from Madison Area and Technical College where she earned her Accounting Associates Degree. At MATC Chelsea received hands-on training in multiple areas of business and, specifically, accounting. Her intimate knowledge of the latest industry trends and practices will be a great benefit to Fine Point.

Chelsea is eager to share her knowledge with our staff of consultants and learn from them as well. Her passion for business and knowledge of the accounting industry will serve the clients of Fine Point Consulting well. It will be exciting to watch as she applies her skills and develops relationships with them.

Chelsea began her work with Fine Point Consulting last week.

Stand Guard Against Scams

How much mail do you receive each month? Chances are, quite a bit, whether you’re a start-up company or you’ve been in business for years. Items plastered with advertisements or addressed “to whom it may concern” probably wind up in the trash, but I’d bet you’re not as likely to toss out professional looking letters with fancy corporate seals.


These features indicate credibility, and most letters marked with them are. But, as a current scam illustrates, this is not always the case. (more…)