Initiate Your Employees The Right Way: 4 Tips To Help You Train

If asked to describe the perfect employee, most employers could likely arrive at an answer pretty quickly. Most have a list of characteristic this ideal individual possesses: intelligent, passionate, motivated, and possessive of a wealth of other job-specific traits.

When looking to hire, this is the person all employers want. Someone perfectly geared to the position, one who arrives day one fully equipped to handle whatever it is he or she is given.

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Is this realistic? No. And the more specific your industry, the more difficult it becomes to find that ideal math. So what do you do? Obviously, you hire the person best suited to the job. But rather than accept inevitable shortcomings, strive to mold that ideal match. Invest time and energy to train each employee to fit his or her position.

And don’t just send them to a conference of point them in the direction of a series of tutorials. Take them under your wing and pass along the unique company perspective you possess. This 4 step plan from Inc’s Geoffrey James will help you do so. (more…)