Fine Point Consulting Client Raises $1 Million In Funding

It’s easy to fall into the monotony of corporate life and become jaded with the businesses world, to lose the entrepreneurial spirit with which you began a venture in the daily grind of meetings, documents, and data analysis.

Nearly all business owners and employees experience moments of such disillusionment. But then, a special case or certain client will come along and wake us up to why we went into business in the first place.

Fine Point Consulting is lucky to have had several refreshing clients over its years in business. One recent example is Swallow Solutions LLC. This local company services individuals suffering from swallowing disorders, known in the medical community as dysphagia.

Through their combined skill and experience, CEO Dr. Robert A. Carlson and Dr. JoAnne Robbins work to develop and provide therapeutic devices to patients suffering from dysphagia. Additionally, they work with their patients to create personalized, nutrition plans suited to their needs.

Imagine if every bite or sip posed a difficulty to you. The simple act of swallowing is one we often take for granted. Yet astonishingly, nearly 18 million children and adults in the U.S. alone struggle with this task.

The products and plans provided by Swallow Solutions help these individuals better manage their swallowing difficulties and greatly improve their quality of life.

Fine Point Consulting was excited to get involved in the company’s mission to help an increasing number of dysphagia patients. By developing for Swallow Solutions a 3-year pro forma financial statement as well as a capitalization table, Fine Point was able to assist the company in its efforts to procure additional funding.

As noted in the Journal Sentinel, Swallow Solutions has recently raised $1 million dollars of funds which will help fuel and expand the company’s operations.

If you’re looking to broaden your company’s reach and need help with the financials, contact our outsourced accounting and CFO services experts. We’d love to add you to our special client list.