Cash Flow 101: An Introduction for New Entrepreneurs

If you’re a new business owner or still taking the steps to become one in the future, these tips are essential for laying out your business from the numbers side of the equation.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a business idea you’re sure will find success, it’s important not to lose sight of the foundational financial limitations that often spell disaster for small businesses who lack the foresight to plan their business around a stable cash flow.  This is particularly a problem for business owners who are embarking on their first adventure into entrepreneurship. Running a business yourself can be exponentially more complicated than managing just one piece of it as an employee.

On top of this, it’s important to realize that these kinds of core financial issues don’t only apply to small businesses. Enterprise-level entities can also find themselves reeling from poorly managed cash flows when significant changes in income level or expense fees mount too quickly. For larger companies, adjusting to an increasingly unstable cash flow can sometimes be an almost insurmountable challenge as multiple departments must work together to effectively bring the cash flow back to a balanced state. (more…)