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Video Transcript

Title Slide: Best Restaurants in Madison

Jen Hildahl: My favorite Madison-area restaurant…

Luella Schmidt: I often go to Liliana’s, which is in Fitchburg. It is very close to the office so that’s one of our favorite hangouts for lunch. And Bonfyre is also very close to the office, a very good hangout for lunch.

Jen Hildahl: I love going out to eat. I love just sitting forever and eating food and drinking wine. So, there’s not a lot of restaurants I don’t like.

Leah Shales: Johnson Public House. It’s a coffee shop and they have the best coffee and sandwiches in Madison.

Jill Hildahl: The place I’m obsessed with right now, which isn’t really a restaurant, but it is a food establishment, is the Underground Butcher on Willy Street. They have amazing meats and cheeses and sandwiches and spreads and olives. I really like that place.

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