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Video Transcript

Title Slide: If Not an Accountant, What Would You Be? | With Luella Schmidt, Jen Hildahl, and Leah Shales

Jen Hildahl: I don’t know what I would be doing. I feel like I don’t know where else my skill set is. The only other job I’ve really had in my life has been a lifeguard, but you know it’s not very intellectually challenging so, as much as I think that was a great job, I think I would be bored by now. So, I’m happy being an accountant.

Leah Shales: I would either be, I would strive to be a Hollywood actress or I would be a professional roller derby person. I don’t roller derby now, but I think that it would be a really awesome career.

Luella Schmidt: To be a history professor. I’ve always thought history is just fascinating. I like to read a lot about it and I think teaching is a really noble profession.

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