Here we go WI: 100health, The Doyenne Group, and More!



Yes Wisconsin, you truly are on a roll!

Over the past few weeks Wisconsin has been blowing up the innovation headlines across the globe.  Companies ranging from health techs, mobile apps, and traditional manufacturing; Wisconsin just can’t get enough, and we are not upset!

As noted earlier, FIVE Madison Start-ups are in Silicon Valley as we speak, meeting and pitching with five venture capital firms.  And if this isn’t great enough, three of our Fine Point Clients (Fishidy, EatStreet, and Propeller Health) are among this elite group of five!

And just a little bit to the east (right down 94-East to be exact), in good ole’ Milwaukee, world-renown Harley Davidson has unveiled a new plan to release an electric motorcycle!  According to the Wall Street Journal, the prototype won’t be released for another two years, but this announcement is a large shift for Harley, and their usual technology.  We must applaud this 111-year old company for continuing to evolve and reach new customers, like the young urbanites right here in Madison.

Another Fine Point friend, 100Health, has announced the six different portfolio companies they will be working with in their incubator this summer, and we here at Fine Point are no stranger to these names.  Among these six, two of the companies were started by our friend Nikolai Skievaski (client of FPC’s) and Breadcrumbs.

And last but not least, the Doyenne Group, a Madison organization that supports women entrepreneurs, and very dear friends of ours here at Fine Point, announced a pitch contest in August during Madison’s Forward Technology Festival that will award a $5,000 seed grant to the female group winner of their choosing.

What a stellar week for not only Madison but the state of Wisconsin in general! There must be something in the water here, and lets just say I hope we are all drinking it!


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