ABODO Joins VaultWare’s Apartment Content Syndication Network

Article Written by: Virtual Strategy Magazine in Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) on August 25, 2014


MRI Software announced today that the Industry-leading ABODO is the latest company to join the VaultWare Apartment Content Syndication Network, a collection of best-of-breed companies and the most frequented Internet Listing Services (ILSs) in the industry. Featuring the ability to enhance the advertisements on more than 20 high-quality online advertising sources, the VaultWare solution empowers clients to streamline their marketing process while increasing their exposure to apartment hunters.

“At ABODO, our focus is on providing renters access to reliable and high-quality vacancy information, and VaultWare’s content syndication provides our users with the information they want,” noted Alec Slocum, CEO of ABODO. “VaultWare customers now have the ability to add and automatically update their listings so they can gain immediate access to the thousands of renters that are searching ABODO every day.”

MRI’s VaultWare Apartment Marketing Suite provides consumer-centric apartment marketing, leasing and market analysis capabilities focused on delivering an ideal online shopping experience that results in streamlined operations, highly qualified leads and more leases. VaultWare features automated content updates including current pricing and availability drawn directly from their property management software or revenue management system, which results in consistent content across the client’s VaultWare-powered online advertisements. Additionally, the solution encourages prospective residents to begin the leasing process while the prospect is most engaged by allowing them to reserve a specific, currently available apartment that fits their needs. With many VaultWare client’s experiencing lease conversion rates as high as 25% for requests-to-hold of specific, currently available apartments, to 50% lead to lease conversion rates for pre-qualified apartment reservations, the addition of VaultWare’s capabilities to ABODO provides mutual clients with a powerful tool that generates easily apparent results.

“We are very pleased that ABODO is partnering with us to better serve the apartment marketing industry,” said Stephen Baker, Vice President of Product Management at MRI Software. “Forming a close relationship with innovative companies like ABODO are crucial to the success of both VaultWare as a product and its users’ experience with the solution.”

For more information about the VaultWare Reservation System as well as the entire lineup of VaultWare Apartment Marketing solutions, please visit http://www.mrisoftware.com/vaultware-products. To learn more about ABODO, please visit abodo.com.


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FPC Client of the Week: CraftOptics



Painting, sewing, quilting, scrap-booking, beading,  everyone has their own unique “craft.”  But what happens when you are working on those fine details and you can’t quite see that tiny pin hole to thread your needle through or that one spot on your painting you need to get just right?  Do you squint your eyes, hunch over and try over and over again to get it just right, pushing yourself to the point where you want to scream?  Well then, sit up, relax, and shake off the steam, because CraftOptics has the answer for you.

CraftOptics is a Madison based company that offers detailed-orientated hobbyist of all ages the ability to optically view their own crafts at a comfortable, clear, low-cost.  CraftOptics attaches telescopic lenses to your everyday glasses in order for you to be hands-free, to focus solely on your craft.  Designed to allow comfortable working distances for crafts and hobbies CraftOptic’s Teleschopes even prevent back and neck soreness and eye strain.  The glasses allow adjustable working angles and let you easily choose and change your position.  And don’t fret, when you don’t need that extra magnification, the telescopes flip up and out of the way for times when magnification is not needed.  They are light weight, portable, and even come with a protective storage case for easy transport.

So, if you are a quilter, a dentist, a painter, or even a botanist, CraftOptics Telescopes are just for you.  Take the strain, pain, and fury away from those tiny details and order your own pair CraftOptic’s Telescopes today!

To learn more and how you can even perfect your craft further please visit: CraftOptics.  We here at Fine Point know you won’t be sorry!


Photos Courtesy of CraftOptics.com

FPC Client of the Week: ABODO.com



It’s that time of year in Madison, moving out of your place and on the look for a brand new apartment.  And as we all know, apartment hunting in Madison is well… a nightmare.  From endless shuffling of craigslist ads, the apartment listing sites that look like they were built in the 90’s, to the all-too-common resignation of walking and driving through neighborhoods looking for “For Rent” signs, it truly is a painful task.  However, a young group of recent college grads realized there had and NEEDED to be something better… so they built it.

ABODO.com is a Madison start-up that offers up to date, streamline online apartment listings at your finger tips.  Partnered with every property owner and manager they could find, ABODO is now the largest, most complete local inventory of apartments Madison has ever seen.

The site is user friendly, up to date, and offers apartment listings for now NINE different college towns, and they have no plans to stop there.

With all it’s success and ~110,000 users, it is no surprise that the online website and it’s 10 member crew have recently just closed on a $1.25 million round of funding!

So it may be that time of year again, but don’t let it bring you down, use ABODO.com and make that ever so “dreadful” apartment search a think of the past!


To learn more about ABODO.com and how it can help you visit: ABODO.com.

If interested in working with the ABODO team please visit: ABODO Careers