Fine Point Consulting works with a lot of clients that are creating new technology, products, and ideas. But, in addition to these wonderful clients Fine Point Consulting also serves nonprofits doing amazing things.

Families and Schools Together, also known as FAST, is one of our exciting Not for Profit clients! They are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the community build protective factors around kids. Their organization produces and distributes programs that teach parents how to become empowered and use this empowerment to help their children to succeed. There are a wide range of programs offered that are separated out by the developmental stages of the child’s life (Baby FAST, Pre-K FAST, Kids FAST, Middle School FAST, and Teen FAST) this allows the programs to effectively be used as preventions or early intervention regardless of which stage the family’s lifecycle is in.

Families and Schools Together are known for adding value to schools and the surrounding communities due to its connection with so many roles in society. FAST works with parents of all religions, social settings and professions to ensure that all parents can and will succeed through the empowerment mentioned above. FAST also works with Educators to make sure that all children are succeeding with the help of their parent’s involvement while changing the climate of the school through this connection. In addition to the roles of the parents and the schools FAST also has the approval and support of Law Enforcement, Health Care Providers and Communities in general.

We are super excited to be a part of this growing organization and cannot wait to see what other fantastic things they are going to be doing in the future! To check them out visit their website here!

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