Cool Tools for Employee Engagement

I’m fascinated by entrepreneurship. Value creation, strategy and tactics, great thinkers. My “books to read” list is a mile long. It’s a passion of mine.

As a professional services firm, the majority of the value we provide to our customers comes from human capital. Our collective knowledge as a company is our biggest asset and as such, I think a lot about how to protect it, nurture it, and grow it. When you rely on knowledge workers, it is extremely important to do everything you can to keep them engaged in meaningful work. I read recently that Maslow’s pyramid is now really just a square, with all sides being equal: material rewards, meaning, recognition, and impact.

We use a cool tool at Fine Point called Tiny Pulse to make sure I am making good decisions and building an incredible workplace. Rather than the eyeroll-inducing annual survey, Tiny Pulse reaches out to my team members once a week and asks random questions about how they’re doing, while protecting the responder’s anonymity.

Some questions are fun and irreverent, like “You just cracked open a fortune cookie about your company, what does the fortune say about your company’s future?” Some offer an opportunity for amazing feedback, like “What’s the one thing we’re not doing that we should start doing to be more successful”. And, of course, it asks, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you at work?” every 4-6 surveys so that you can see a trend over time.

My favorite part? Every week responders can give “cheers for peers”, which is a great way for team members to recognize each others’ meaningful accomplishments or just to give a simple thanks.

It’s been a lot of fun using this product and it’s given me great insights about what our workplace is really like. When it comes down to it, my employees are really volunteers. It’s totally up to them whether or not they come back up that elevator tomorrow. Using Tiny Pulse gives me weekly feedback on how I’m doing – so I can make sure they do decide to join me again for another day of awesomeness.

And yeah, our Beer Fridays don’t hurt.