Software Scoop: Greenhouse

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In this blog series, Fine Point Consulting reviews accounting, HR, and other software we use in our office or on behalf of our clients. Check it out! You might just learn about a great new tool for your own business.

Greenhouse is a recruiting optimization platform designed to make companies great at hiring. Their software helps your business find better candidates, conduct more focused interviews, and make data-driven hiring decisions. Fine Point Consulting’s Leah Roe was recently asked to interview a candidate for one of her clients using Greenhouse and has this to say about her experience:

“Greenhouse made it so easy to review and prep for an interview because all of the materials and everything you needed was right there: resume, cover letter, and even the job posting. Having the job posting and the qualities the company was looking for right in front of me helped give me direction for what kinds of questions to ask.

“The software also provided the interview schedule for each candidate, so I could see, for example, that the candidate had a “cultural fit” interview scheduled right after mine, so I knew I didn’t need to spend much time on assessing them on if they would be a good fit with the company. Instead, I could focus my attention on the candidate’s skill level and really keep my interview on track.

“The candidate scorecard function in Greenhouse is amazing. After the interview, the scorecard provides a format for giving structured, written feedback on a candidate, rather than simply a general impression. It really helps you think through why the candidate would or would not be a good fit with the company, and provides useful, data-based information for the hiring manager when it’s time to make a decision—all in one platform.

The bottom line: “I thought Greenhouse was great. The software was clean and organized, and it really streamlined the hiring process. I think it could be useful for companies of any size, particularly those that plan on making a number of hires and/or have multiple interviews scheduled for each candidate.”

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