Case Study: Software Conversion Saves Company $15K Annually

TitanTV“Fine Point Consulting was very helpful in assessing the needs of our business after we separated from our parent company. They identified opportunities for us to improve efficiency in our accounting systems, a transition that also resulted in cost savings for our business.”

Christopher Kelly, CEO, TitanTV, Inc.


It’s not uncommon when a company is acquired, merged, or sold, that it continues to use the same software programs it’s always used. It’s a decision that often helps smooth the transition from one owner to the next and keep staff moving forward with business as usual. Such was the case for broadcast provider TitanTV, Inc. when they separated from parent company Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) in 2016. BIM was using accounting software Intacct, a powerful program that’s particularly convenient for its integration with Salesforce. But Intacct was a more robust system than the newly independent TitanTV needed—and it came at an annual cost of more than $15,000.

Enter Fine Point Consulting, which quickly determined that converting to QuickBooks accounting software would not only save TitanTV a bundle, but would also provide the right-size software for their business. Fine Point staff also researched and tested a tool for syncing Salesforce with QuickBooks, an important feature of Intacct the company wanted to maintain. Accountants at Fine Point then managed the software conversion from start to finish. TitanTV’s new accounting system not only saves the business big money, but it does exactly what company leaders need in a way that’s more intuitive and transparent than before. And that’s a success worth broadcasting.


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Case Study: Using Communications Software to Troubleshoot Company Benefits Program

Propeller Health

“Fine Point is a fantastic partner for small- to mid-sized businesses as they integrate exceptionally well with our operations. Fine Point allows us to execute as if we had a much larger team to help to handle the unexpected as it occurs, which is critical for our business.”

David Hubanks, VP of Operations, Propeller Health

It’s never easy to switch from one employee benefits provider to another. This was particularly true for Propeller Health when, mid-transition, the company’s HR manager responsible for communicating the new benefits program was offered a position elsewhere and left the company. That’s when Propeller Health called on Fine Point Consulting, who was already acting as its outsourced accounting department, to step in and help troubleshoot questions and concerns from employees about the new provider. Using Slack, a team communication software program already in place at Propeller, Fine Point was able to communicate directly with employees about the new benefits system, address concerns, and respond to questions as they came up. Today, payroll and benefits are running in a way that gives the company peace of mind, and employees know that Fine Point is there to respond right away should questions or concerns arise.

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Case Study: Streamlining Complex Finances for Door Creek Church

Door Creek Church


“I’m so grateful to [Fine Point Controller] Sarah Motiff and her team for rolling up their sleeves, digging into our complex financial systems and processes, and bringing ‘order out of the chaos.’ Sarah’s quiet confidence, tenacious spirit, and desire to help others has not only been refreshing, but extremely helpful.”

Marc Maillefer, Lead Pastor

After losing a qualified CPA and Director of Finance, Door Creek Church turned to Fine Point Consulting to lend a helping hand. Fine Point staff standardized processes, streamlined the organization’s Chart of Accounts, and organized the various fund accounts. Many of the church’s accounting processes are now automated, creating efficiencies for staff and cleaner reporting overall. Church leaders have a greater understanding of the church’s finances through easy-to-read reports, ensuring better communication to the congregation at large.


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Case Study: Automating Financial Reports & Educating Managers



“Outsourcing accounting to Fine Point enabled us to centralize accounting functions, upgrade our financial expertise to a CPA level, and benefit from improved financial performance visibility for the management team.”

Pat Wall, CEO, A-R Editions

A-R Editions publishes music and the research of musicologists for university libraries and major collections around the globe. In 1998, they founded sister company,, the world’s largest e-commerce sheet music retailer and publisher. But when it came to reporting on their financials and understanding what those reports meant, A-R Editions was a little out of tune. Fine Point Consulting stepped in to help A-R Editions automate its monthly financials, and educated managers on how to read and interpret those monthly reports to better run their business. It’s a cost-effective solution that has enabled the company to make sound financial decisions and plan for the future. Music to our ears!


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Case Study: Converting Business to Accrual Accounting


“We have been particularly pleased with Fine Point’s diligence, technical competence, and responsiveness as we made the shift from cash to accrual-based accounting. Their involvement and continued work has allowed FHG to focus and refine our financial processes with greater speed and efficiency as we rapidly expand our business.”

Charlie Sloan, Interim CFO, Forward Health Group

Forward Health Group helps health care providers improve outcomes via population health management thru its PopulationManager data visualization and analytics. Fine Point Consulting began working with Forward Health in late 2015 to serve most of their accounting processes, including payroll, receivables, payables, and reconciling. As a partner in helping them grow their business, Fine Point also helped convert their accounting from a cash basis to the more-common accrual basis, and guided the development of accrual reports for board members and investors. The shift to accrual accounting not only provides Forward Health with a more accurate picture of their company’s financial health, but also allows them to respond quickly company revenue and expense trends and prepare for the future, whatever it may bring.

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