4 Ways To Improve Productivity Through Employee Recognition

With the stress of increasing workloads mounting in many offices across the country, the idea of adequate employee recognition in the workplace is especially important to keeping spirits high amid particularly turbulent times. Luckily, it’s one aspect of management which is virtually impossible to overdo.

People love praise and this seems to hold even truer to the younger generation of workers who might be entering the workforce for the first time. For perspective, most workers of all kinds see very little positive feedback at all.

The practice of handing out annual reviews which is now becoming culturally ingrained in our business world might be useful for providing employees with a standardized way of comparing performance levels over time, but lacks the element of value and reward that gives good work the admiration it deserves.

If you aren’t convinced about the importance of dishing out some degree of proper recognition, consider the effects it has on your organization’s bottom line. A 10-year study that appeared in The Carrot Principle found that among 200,000 people, efficiency and return on equity were sometimes three times higher for companies who implemented recognition programs. (more…)

Initiate Your Employees The Right Way: 4 Tips To Help You Train

If asked to describe the perfect employee, most employers could likely arrive at an answer pretty quickly. Most have a list of characteristic this ideal individual possesses: intelligent, passionate, motivated, and possessive of a wealth of other job-specific traits.

When looking to hire, this is the person all employers want. Someone perfectly geared to the position, one who arrives day one fully equipped to handle whatever it is he or she is given.

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Is this realistic? No. And the more specific your industry, the more difficult it becomes to find that ideal math. So what do you do? Obviously, you hire the person best suited to the job. But rather than accept inevitable shortcomings, strive to mold that ideal match. Invest time and energy to train each employee to fit his or her position.

And don’t just send them to a conference of point them in the direction of a series of tutorials. Take them under your wing and pass along the unique company perspective you possess. This 4 step plan from Inc’s Geoffrey James will help you do so. (more…)

6 Ways To Deal With Unproductive Employees


Are unproductive employees draining your resources? Follow these tips to stop the outflow today.

Employee performance is a huge contributor to the success of any business. Those who drag their feet and produce low quality work represent a major strain on a company’s time and resources. Unfortunately, there are too many  of these individuals to ignore. A recent study conducted by Proudfoot Consulting found that a whopping 29% of workers are unproductive.

If you’ve identified one of the under-performing workers in your agency, it’s time to take action. Follow these 6 steps for dealing with unproductive employees to save your company money and your managers time.

1. Meet in person
Scheduling a one-on-one, in person meeting with your employee alerts him  that the situation is serious. Individual performance should never be  addressed in group settings and phone calls are too casual a method which also may result in misunderstandings. (more…)

Helping Employees Cope With “College Concerns”

stressed employeeGuest blogger Robert DeCock is a Certified College Planning Specialist from Quest College Program. He helps students and parents create a culture of post-high school success. If you’d like him to speak to your employees about dealing with post-high school concerns you can reach him by email.

One growing concern for parents with children of all ages is the rising cost of post-high school education. In addition to the perceived financial burden facing their family, many parents are stressed about the career choice and the resulting career job (un)satisfaction thereafter. Will our student be happy, perhaps even successful, doing something somewhat related to what they studied?

If your employees are dealing with college concerns, share these four tips with them to help ease the burden: (more…)

How To Initiate New Employees The Right Way

the right track

Start new employees off on the right track with these expert tips.

Onboarding new employees can be an arduous process. First, you have to create job listings and read resumes and cover letters. After this, you have to pick a few candidates and conduct interviews that actually tell you something about them—no easy task.

But even after you’ve selected the right candidate for the position, arguably the most important part of the onboarding process is still left to be done: getting the new employee up to speed to the point at which he or she can start producing. It’s especially important for start-ups and small businesses to make this process as smooth as possible, because the growth of the company is often tied to new workers’ abilities to be quickly initiated into the work flow.

Entrepreneur.com’s Gwen Moran recently talked to seasoned executive recruiter Stephen Raz about his recommendations for quickly assimilating employees on their first day, as to start this process as quickly as possible. (more…)