FPC Client of the Week: 100health

Heath care systems are getting to be one of the most fast paced growing fields for software and technology. There are many systems that are made to integrate with customer’s health records. For example, with my doctor, there is now an app where I can log in and see all my test results from my most recent visit rather than having to wait in the office or make an appointment to come back. That is just one example though. This field is growing like crazy with all the solutions that are being created to make the information available in whichever form needed.

100health, one of our newest clients, is fueled by the desire to remove barriers in healthcare with the goal of allowing innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish. The opportunities for improvement in healthcare are immense given the size and scale of the system’s current inefficiency. There are thousands of entrepreneurs currently working on new products and businesses targeting that inefficiency. Nearly all of them run into the same problem. When it’s time to scale they need to figure out how to integrate their technology with hospitals and clinics.

100health solves this integration problem. Their product, REDOX, provides a single point of contact for healthcare IT companies to plug into, then brings data from all their customers to them in a consistent, safe way. They take on the complexity of integration and make it easy for you. Even better, this product is managed by 100health’s team of integration experts taking care of business so that you don’t have to! Their goal is to make integration simple, fast, and secure. If that’s not convenient then I don’t know what is!
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Video Blog: Advice For Startups, From A Startup

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Video Transcription

Title Slide: Advice to Entrepreneurs | With Luella Schmidt

Question #1: What is one thing every start up should have?

Luella: Well, of course, the one thing that we recommend is that you definitely have a budget. You know, the most important thing for a startup is product and market. Make sure you have that, obviously, or you wouldn’t be planning a startup. But, in order to implement and execute the plan, you’ve got to have a budget and a plan for how you’re going to get it done. (more…)

4 Ways To Save Time And Manage An Overworked Schedule

Whether you’re working through the initial startup phase of a new business venture, or are already becoming established as a successful company in your respective industry, finding yourself being forced to bite off more than you can chew can come at any point during an entrepreneurial endeavor.

More often than not, the root of this problem is simply organizational. This involves both the organization of what you devote attention to as well as the formal structure of your company. It’s easy to get caught up allotting the bulk of your time to the less-important activities that can be redistributed to colleagues who can more efficiently manage those tasks into an intuitive work schedule. (more…)

3 Ways To Gauge A Suitable Startup Salary

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of starting your own business from scratch is assessing how to divvy up your initial earnings with proper balance. Specifically, when setting your personal salary, it may be tempting to short yourself by being overly cautious with what you set aside for future business investments and other expenses.

Exhibiting a responsible degree of financial caution is by all means one of the most important things to remember when managing a new business in its infancy––especially in turbulent economic times. However, it is possible to sell yourself short when you are seeing success which can translate into personal and professional detriments.

Although it’s great to fall in love with your product or the service you provide, it’s important to keep your own finances in balance with what you provide. Here are some warning signs that might tip you off to a problem: (more…)

4 Ways To Improve Productivity Through Employee Recognition

With the stress of increasing workloads mounting in many offices across the country, the idea of adequate employee recognition in the workplace is especially important to keeping spirits high amid particularly turbulent times. Luckily, it’s one aspect of management which is virtually impossible to overdo.

People love praise and this seems to hold even truer to the younger generation of workers who might be entering the workforce for the first time. For perspective, most workers of all kinds see very little positive feedback at all.

The practice of handing out annual reviews which is now becoming culturally ingrained in our business world might be useful for providing employees with a standardized way of comparing performance levels over time, but lacks the element of value and reward that gives good work the admiration it deserves.

If you aren’t convinced about the importance of dishing out some degree of proper recognition, consider the effects it has on your organization’s bottom line. A 10-year study that appeared in The Carrot Principle found that among 200,000 people, efficiency and return on equity were sometimes three times higher for companies who implemented recognition programs. (more…)