FPC Client of the Week: Fetch Rewards


Saving money is something that will never go out of style.  And now a days, with shows like Extreme Couponing and world renown blogs such as “The Krazy Coupon Lady,” couponing has become an everyday part of the American lifestyle.  However, who has time now a days to cut coupons and fill binder after binder with different deals and steals?  After countless grocery shopping trips of frustration, this is the question two UW male College Students in Madison, WI answered when they launched their mobile application: Fetch Rewards.

Wes Schroll and Tyler Kennedy are the founders of the new grocery store app that promises to be the cheapest way to shop.

Fetch Rewards app is designed to give users mobile discounts within their smartphone.  You simply scan each item, and the app will tell you if there’s a discount.  You can create lists, share lists and even see what specials are available just by having the app.  The idea is that you get discounts on items that you actually buy, like chips, milk, and of course like most college students…beer.  The Fetch team works with manufacturers for savings, and more often than not, you’ll even find free items within the app,  And if that’s not enough, you can even pay for groceries with saved up Fetch points!

So why not download?  The Fetch app is completely free and incredibly user friendly, anyone with a smartphone is able to work it.

As Kennedy says, “It’s kind of exciting that there hasn’t been a change in the grocery industry for decades.  Finally there’s something coming around besides loyalty programs that are completely going to change the way people shop.”

So why not jump on board?  Join the Fine Point Team along with the other thousands of mobile users and head down to Madison Fresh Market, download the Fetch Rewards App, scan in your groceries, save yourself money, and become apart of this growing phenomenon.  We know you won’t regret it.




To learn more about Fetch Rewards head to: http://www.fetchrewards.com/

Or like their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/FetchRewardsL

 Photos courtesy of news.wisc.edu