FPC Client of the Week: SOLOMO

Social.  Local.  Mobile. 


The mobile-industry takes over again.  That is the belief and backbone for the Madison-based business SOLOMO, with their newest technology that allows your clients to interact with your business right from the palm of their hand.

SOLOMO, a business started by Madison Entrepreneur Liz Eversoll is a location-based information service that links it’s clients directly to their customers via smart locations with sensors reaching out to smartphones.   The company is built to link clients of all different backgrounds (Automotive, Hospitality, Retail, Event Management) to their customers in order to be able to interact, locate, analyze, and engage with one another.

With SOLOMO Smart Location, Event Planners are able to engage event attendees, increase top line revenue, improve vendor sales, provide detailed traffic analytics, and even offer exhibitors more mobile marketing.  Automotive Dealerships are able to engage vehicle shoppers, understand layout effectiveness, improve the customer experience, and even notify dealers of new customers.  Hospitality based businesses are able to reward on-location check-ins, tailor marketing to demographics of current guests, optimize employees and staff for peak performance, and even integrate location-based actions with loyalty programs.  Even the Retail industry can benefit by measuring digital marketing efforts on in-store analytics, increasing cross-sell opportunities through content messages, and integrating location-based actions with loyalty programs.  This technology can be integrated for any business and truly does offer everything you need.

So, if you are in the business why not jump on the SOLOMO bandwagon?  84% of our world is linked with a smart-phone, so why not engage the opportunity and see what your customers have to say?  SOLOMO technology makes that possible, right at the convenience of your customer’s smartphones.  Social.  Local.  Mobile.  These three words can change the face of your business forever, so why not let it?

To learn more and see how your business can benefit from the SOLOMO Smart Technology visit: Solomo Technology


 Photos Courtesy of: solomotechnology.com