FPC Client of the Week: Murvine Marketing Group


This week’s Fine Point Consulting Client of the Week…. Murvine Marketing Group!

Murvine Marketing Group (formerly CloudTactix), is a digital marketing agency and HubSpot Certified Partner based in Madison, Wisconsin that partners primarily with B2B companies and franchises to grow their business using the inbound methodology.

MMG understands that when the consumer world changes, the marketing world can never be far behind. That is why they specialize in a field of digital marketing that focuses on engagement instead of interruption. MMG isn’t interested in traditional advertising tactics, because like you, they are tired of being bombarded with irrelevant marketing messages.

The idea behind inbound marketing is pretty simple: Instead of bombarding people with advertisements, spam, cold calls and other “outbound” marketing activities, inbound promotes companies by delivering informative content to people looking for a product or service. Blogs, eBooks, newsletters, SEO, and social media marketing are just a few of the ways inbound marketers help businesses get closer to the customers who are looking for what they’re offering.

Being local, Murvine Marketing Group loves partnering with Madison-area companies to help connect local businesses to customers and grow our local economy.  The ultimate goal is to connect each component of your marketing and sales strategies, improve your conversion rates, reduce the costs of ineffective marketing techniques, and watch your company grow and succeed.  The business world is continuously changing and evolving, so why not make sure your marketing world is right there with it?  Murvine Marketing offers the newest, trendiest, most up-to-date marketing services in the Madison area.  So as times change, make sure you change with them.  For more information visit: www.murvine.com 


Photos Courtesy: Murvine Marketing Group