How To Initiate New Employees The Right Way

the right track

Start new employees off on the right track with these expert tips.

Onboarding new employees can be an arduous process. First, you have to create job listings and read resumes and cover letters. After this, you have to pick a few candidates and conduct interviews that actually tell you something about them—no easy task.

But even after you’ve selected the right candidate for the position, arguably the most important part of the onboarding process is still left to be done: getting the new employee up to speed to the point at which he or she can start producing. It’s especially important for start-ups and small businesses to make this process as smooth as possible, because the growth of the company is often tied to new workers’ abilities to be quickly initiated into the work flow.’s Gwen Moran recently talked to seasoned executive recruiter Stephen Raz about his recommendations for quickly assimilating employees on their first day, as to start this process as quickly as possible. (more…)