How To Get More Out Of Your Interview Questions

job interview

Sick of getting cliched responses to your interview questions? Try this simple, three-question approach.

Simply put, traditional interviewing and interview questions can be an ineffective ways to measure a potential employee’s ability to do his or her job. Folks who are good interviewees may not be good employees and vice versa.’s Jeff Haden recently sat down with John Younger, CEO of recruiting company Accolo, who conducts interviews so frequently he has the process down to a science. Younger says he learns the most about candidates by asking three simple interview questions about each of their past jobs, often without prodding with follow-ups.

First, Younger asks each interviewee how they found out about each past job. The key takeaway from this question, Younger says, is not each individual answer, but whether or not you start to notice a pattern in their answers as a whole. Especially in this rough economic climate, many people people apply and interview just to get a job—any job. (more…)