Use Online Collaboration Tool Smartsheet To Streamline Workflows

Get everyone on the same page with Smartsheet, an online collaboration tool

Find yourself spending more time coordinating projects than completing them? Do you struggle to keep your employees accountable? Perhaps its time to invest in a cloud-based collaboration tool. If you’re still using email, Microsoft Excel or some other offline management tool to keep track of your business’ workflow, it’s time to modernize and streamline.

Our favorite project collaboration tool here at Fine Point is Smartsheet. Designed to support even the largest of projects, Smartsheet uses a spreadsheet-style interface that allows users to organize tasks and collaborate with employees, contractors, clients and customers all on one, cloud-based document.

Each task includes an interactive Gantt chart, which makes it easy  to craft and modify a schedule for each project. Even better—these charts are automatically integrated with Smartsheet’s calendar so you can view a single project at a time or all ongoing projects all at once. Users can set up reminder and notification emails, so everyone is on the same page when a change to a task is made or a leg of a project is due. Oh, and these tools all integrate with Google calendar and iCal as well, so you won’t have to worry about switching back and forth between calendars.

Sick of about attaching documents (or forgetting to attach them) to emails? Never fear, Smartsheet allows users to share PDFs, presentations, documents and other files within each task. To manage tasks on the go, you can download Smartsheet’s free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Smartsheet has been used by networks as large as Populous, an company that designs and plans for major events like the MLB All-Star Game, The Final Four and even the Super Bowl. Instead of worrying about several different communication media, Populous was able to streamline its work flow all in one place, making it easier to make deadlines. If it works for the people behind the Super Bowl, it can work for your company, too!

Want to learn more about Smartsheet and other productivity tools for your business? Visit our Cool Tools page or contact us today.


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