Nex7 Stage Event: Most Innovative Company Award Pitches

You voted for the finalists at neXXpo. Now vote for the winner!

Come to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art to see compelling pitches from the seven finalists for our inaugural Most Innovative Company (MIC) Award, followed by networking featuring appetizers and a cash bar.

The MIC finalists, voted on by neXXpo attendees, are:
AkitaBox (presented by QBE)
Bendyworks (presented by Cresa Madison)
Globe University (presented byGlobal Data Consultants)
oneEvent & Fearing’s (presented by the Chamber)
Operation Fresh Start (presented by National Guardian Life)
SOLOMO (presented by Zendesk)
turnoverapp (presented by TASC)

These incredible companies – representing a diverse cross-section of industries, missions and locations across Greater Madison – are ready to show their innovation and earn your vote. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to see what’s next for Greater Madison’s economy!

Leaders & Influencers: An Interview with Liz Eversoll

Continuing our series on Leaders & Influencers, we chatted with IT industry veteran Liz Eversoll, CEO at SOLOMO Technology, Inc., a platform as a service that provides location and identity services to brands. She is also currently involved in bringing Austin-based tech accelerator Capital Factory to Madison.

Tell us about Capital Factory, and why you decided to bring it to Madison.

LizEversollI connected with Capital Factory through Patrick Vogt, who is the chairman of the board at SOLOMO and had previously worked with Joshua Baer, the executive director at Capital Factory. I had been having conversations with Madison business owners and investors, and we all felt that there’s a need for place in Madison for tech entrepreneurs to foster relationships, build connections with investors and strategic partners, and be introduced to new technologies. Capital Factory has a nice model as a long-term accelerator for tech startups; they help with initial seed funding, matching funds, bringing in mentors and advisors. We’re still in the planning stages with them, but hope to have it up and running here in Madison in about four months.

What’s the single most important change you’d like to see to encourage more innovation and entrepreneurship in our community?

Everyone says capital is the most important thing you need for a startup, but it’s really more about interest from customers. If you have customers and revenue, that validates your product. We have great, established companies here in Wisconsin, but I’d like to see stronger partnerships with them. Startups would benefit from the expertise, guidance, and investment of established companies, while established companies would advance their digital capabilities through the use of startup technologies and services.

What book do you think every aspiring entrepreneur should read and why?

Drucker, Gladwell, Godin, The Speed of Trust (and all Covey books), The Lean Startup. The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton Christensen was actually the book that spurred me to leave my career at CDW, which did great things, had great growth, and was a great company. But it was a traditional model, and Christensen’s book really got me thinking about disruptive technology, cloud and mobile, and I wanted to do the next thing with my own business.

What do you find most interesting and rewarding in your position as founder and CEO at SOLOMO? 

We’re located in downtown Madison, so we’re right in the middle of the tech scene here. I love meeting all the startups, investors, companies, and stakeholders that are working to build the Madison/Wisconsin startup ecosystem. People come to us, and we get to stay involved in the many questions of tech entrepreneurship.


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FPC Client of the Week: Rise of the Rest winner SOLOMO Technology

SOLOMO, which stands for social, local, mobile, takes consumer information and provides it to businesses to give them better insight into what the customer’s interests are. As stated by Liz Eversoll, CEO, “Location Data is a brand new category that provides us amazing insight into consumers and what experiences they’d like to have”.

SOLOMO along with eight other Madison startups were selected out of hundreds to have an opportunity to pitch to Steve Case, the founder of AOL, at his Rise of the Rest Event. The event was held in downtown Madison at the Majestic last Monday. Rise of the Rest is a five city, 1,800-mile bus tour that will give startups across the mid-west a chance to pitch their company for a chance to win.

After waiting in anticipation after pitching in the afternoon, Liz Eversoll was announced the winner at the event later that evening. Case mentioned that many would be shocked that SOLOMO was out of Madison, WI as what they are developing ideas that typically come out of Silicon Valley. Case stated that they chose SOLOMO because they have “the potential to really be a break out company…to send a signal all around the country and all around the world that Madison is a hot startup hub”.

And what exactly was the prize you might ask? SOLOMO won $100,000 from Case’s investment firm and a trip to the 2015 South by Southwest Startup Village in March for an opportunity to win even more additional funding!

We are super excited to be a part of SOLOMO Technology and to be able to hear all about their journey in the future. Congratulations!

To see the SOLOMO team celebration click here.

FPC Client of the Week: SOLOMO

Social.  Local.  Mobile. 


The mobile-industry takes over again.  That is the belief and backbone for the Madison-based business SOLOMO, with their newest technology that allows your clients to interact with your business right from the palm of their hand.

SOLOMO, a business started by Madison Entrepreneur Liz Eversoll is a location-based information service that links it’s clients directly to their customers via smart locations with sensors reaching out to smartphones.   The company is built to link clients of all different backgrounds (Automotive, Hospitality, Retail, Event Management) to their customers in order to be able to interact, locate, analyze, and engage with one another.

With SOLOMO Smart Location, Event Planners are able to engage event attendees, increase top line revenue, improve vendor sales, provide detailed traffic analytics, and even offer exhibitors more mobile marketing.  Automotive Dealerships are able to engage vehicle shoppers, understand layout effectiveness, improve the customer experience, and even notify dealers of new customers.  Hospitality based businesses are able to reward on-location check-ins, tailor marketing to demographics of current guests, optimize employees and staff for peak performance, and even integrate location-based actions with loyalty programs.  Even the Retail industry can benefit by measuring digital marketing efforts on in-store analytics, increasing cross-sell opportunities through content messages, and integrating location-based actions with loyalty programs.  This technology can be integrated for any business and truly does offer everything you need.

So, if you are in the business why not jump on the SOLOMO bandwagon?  84% of our world is linked with a smart-phone, so why not engage the opportunity and see what your customers have to say?  SOLOMO technology makes that possible, right at the convenience of your customer’s smartphones.  Social.  Local.  Mobile.  These three words can change the face of your business forever, so why not let it?

To learn more and see how your business can benefit from the SOLOMO Smart Technology visit: Solomo Technology


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