4 Myths About Small Business Startups in Madison, WI

Whether you’re preparing to make a career change or are starting fresh in the business world for the first time, the decision to make your ideas into a reality with a business of your own is a decision that takes serious consideration and planning. When done right, you can find a whole new definition of professional satisfaction steering your company into the future. When done wrong, you can quickly find yourself in a financial mess that can be difficult to pull yourself out of.

We’ve talked at length about what every startup owner should consider prior to cutting the blue ribbon on opening day, but it’s equally important to know the myths and commonly-held beliefs about entrepreneurship that simply don’t hold up in the real world. Whether it comes in the form of advice from one owner to the next, or whether you read about a particularly striking story in the news, acting on misinformation can deal a big blow to productivity. (more…)