FPC Client of the Week: Stock Manufacturing


From Madison to Chicago, Fine Point’s Client of the Week: Stock Manufacturing.

Stock Manufacturing Company is a premier, original, and unique clothing company that has build a brand that is stylish, timeless, innovative, classic, and affordable.  Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Stock Manufacturing truly is the definition of Innovation.

Stock is based out of a 40+ year-old factory on the West Side of Chicago that was started by co-founder’s parents, and has run continually ever since. Although their son now owns the factory, the founders still work there every day, as they have since the early 1970’s.  Despite the decline of domestic manufacturing, the factory has continued to thrive due to their status as a mil-spec certified facility. This allows the owners to produce non-combat garments for the US Military, as they have for decades.  The rigorous attention to detail that goes into formal military garb trickles down into every item Stock produces, ensuring a level of quality unsurpassed in the industry.  With a goal to provide top quality, domestically made garments at the most affordable price possible, Stock Manufacturing truly does have it all.

In addition to their in-house label, Stock teams up frequently with other creative folks to create unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind garments. With partnerships with some of the top names in the Chicago area: Bloomingdale’s, Goose Island, SOHO House, Stock’s one of a kind style can be tailored to any one and anybody’s needs.

So if you want to change your wardrobe to be as unique, stylish, and original as you are, visit Stock Manufacturing today.