Leah and Chelsea take Chicago

This week Leah and I were super excited to have the opportunity to go to visit, our first Chicago client, Stock Mfg. Co.! Since we had never been on site, we started out our day out by stopping to the factory where they make the magic happen. It was incredibly interesting for us to see the actual work flow and how they run things. We were able to go step by step, from the designs, production samples, to the cutting of fabric, the manufacturing of the clothes, and then the final finishing touches.  It was interesting to experience a snippet of a day in the factory and compare that to our workflow. After the factory, we decided to head out and see some of their products at work. At this point, we finished out our meeting at the Soho House, where we not only talked about the valuable numbers, but also got to learn about how the business was started, where they hope to see it going in the future, and how we can help them get there.

As much fun as we have in Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago we are just waiting for clients in Hawaii to sign up!